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  • Here is your survival guide for PUBG
    Time: Jul. 6, 2020

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a brutal PC-MMO shooting game with a simple premise: released on an island in the middle of nowhere, you have to survive all the other players to be declared the winner.


    The game is extremely difficult due to its large number of fighters (up to 100 at the same time) and its increasingly smaller playing area.


    Here are PlayerUnknown's best tips on the battlefield to help you survive.



    1. Choose your location wisely

    At the beginning of each game, you have the option to decide where you want to land on the map by jumping from an airplane. The trick is to avoid areas where large groups of people congregate. An easy way to do this is to target locations out of the way of the aircraft. This gives you easier access to items and ensures it is not removed immediately upon landing. If you play as a team, be sure to use voice chat to coordinate your goal with the other players in your group.


    2. Don't go through open doors

    While it is tempting to enter each building to search for new weapons and equipment, you must be careful. Open doors generally mean that an enemy is nearby or that a building has already been looted. Therefore, it is not worth the risk of entering, as you could be ambushed directly and the rewards low.


    When you approach a building, look for signs of life. It doesn't have to be an open door, it could be a strangely parked vehicle or the sound of gunshots.


    3. Pay attention to the card

    The map is an extremely important tool on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It is updated every five minutes where the last safety zone is located, as indicated by a smaller and smaller white circle. If you don't get to this area in time, a blue force field appears that damages you. This mainly leads to their removal. The best way to avoid this is to look at the map every few minutes.


    4. Stay indoors when in a red zone

    You can get caught in a red zone during a game. The bombs fall in this area, so you must get to safety as soon as possible. Sometimes it means that you only leave one area, but sometimes you get stuck in the middle of the game without being able to leave the area. In these situations, find the next building and hold it down until the red zone disappears.