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  • How to play Need For Speed Heat
    Time: Jul. 21, 2020

    The latest generations of Need For Speed Heat games have brought many racing simulations. Fans lacked accelerated "emotions" on the streets like in NFS Underground and Most Wanted. The new version of the racing classic marks the return to the origins of the series.



    It's not a rich story, but it has enough detail to keep you interested in the progress of the game. The player is an alien who comes to Palm City, befriends a former street racer and his younger sister. who has just dissolved his racing team.


    Online mode

    In online mode, it is the same situation as in offline campaign. The player continues to participate and publish new races, gain fame and improve his car. The advantage of online mode is that there is a bonus in the prize pool when you win races that involve other players.


    Avatar customization.

    Immediately after the campaign start scene, a screen will appear where you can customize your in-game avatar. There are avatars of both sexes and different ethnicities. And it does not end there, at the beginning the player only has some clothes and accessories, because by saving money it is possible to buy items for his appearance to determine his style.


    The police are again a big problem.

    The racing universe is divided into "day", with legalized races and high cash prizes, and "night" where everything is illegal. The night passes after glory. During night races, the police generally seem to interfere with the "Streak". The police at Need For Speed ​​Heat have powerful cars and good officers. Do not think that it will be easy to escape from them.



    4 types of car dressing

    Basically, there are 4 types of races in this version of the game:


    Track (better organized, with well-designed curves);

    Highway (crossing distances at high speed and with fewer curves);

    Drift (The famous Skid Run, which accumulates points per skill);

    Offroad (racing on rough terrain).


    Each type of race requires a car with specific preparations, otherwise it will be in the last places. It is ideal to have a vehicle model for each specialty at the beginning of the game and simply invest in cars for the track and the streets.


    The latest generations of games in the Need For Speed Heat have brought a lot of racing simulation. Fans lacked accelerated "emotions" on the streets like in NFS Underground and Most Wanted.