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  • Mass Effect: Citadel Protection Spells Explained
    Time: Aug. 6, 2020

    In the Mass Effect Andromeda , the galaxy unites into a large and diverse community, and the heart of that community is the Citadel.


    This ancient station was first discovered by the Asari, and since then many races have joined them in this miracle of technology. While the office houses the council, the five great arms of the citadel contain the protection spells, and that's where the real action is.



    Local points of interest


    It doesn't take long for the player to feel the protections. After an initial meeting with the Mass Effect Council, Commander Shepard can explore the Presidium and Parish in a similar way. Everything is at home in the rooms. Shepard can visit the stores there to buy upgrades and items, and will also find entertainment areas here such as Chora's Den Gentleman's Club and the upbeat Flux hybrid nightclub / casino.



    Mass Effect Andromeda spells out protection spells in more detail and gives them a little more personality. Meanwhile, Geth's attack improved security and Shepard failed a security check. Shepard visits a local C-Sec office led by human officer Armando-Owen Bailey.


    Missions in theaters

    Commander Shepard's first important mission at the Citadel is to find evidence of Saren's complicity in the attack on Eden Prime. The council defends him, so Shepard follows some evidence of the protection spell, such as Agent C-Sec Garrus Vakarian and Fist, the criminal chief.


    In Mass Effect 3, Shepard can now visit the most scenic areas of protection spells, such as the Silversun Strip (included in the Citadel DLC). This bustling place is home to video game arcades, shooting simulators, restaurants, and dance clubs, and Shepard can meet many friends and employees here, from Javik to Jacob to Zaeed.