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  • Postcard 4: No Regerts Is a Good Computer Game
    Time: Jul. 13, 2020

    In many ways, video games matured a few decades ago. Some games take the medium in new directions and make people wonder if games should be considered art and not just meaningless entertainment. Some have stories that compel people to experience complex emotions or examine larger existential concepts from a new philosophical perspective. Some may even spark interest in literature or history. And then we have Post 4: No Regerts. The post series is known to be nothing more than a playground for human corruption, where it goes beyond bad taste and objectionable content, and by comparison pulls out other slanderous games from the world's Tipper Gores like Grand Theft Auto .


    The title begins with a defeat in its fortunate history for the pursuit of the American dream. For lack of a better expression, our hero begins his journey in the desert on the outskirts of the city of Edensin. His house mysteriously went up and left him, and he is alone without a house, without a wife or money. To correct this, he does what any sensible person would do: look for a job, that is, get a Sharpie and write on a piece of discarded cardboard with which he is ready to commit rude acts for money.


    Exploring the city reminds us that it is, in fact, an entry into the infamous series of letters. Adult language, rude gags, and other cases of deliberately offensive comedy characterize the landscape. At one point, one of the dozens of potential employers who reject the characters' services points him in the direction of work, and once it is discovered that the erotic film industry is not one of the right professions for this man, Despite the information on the cardboard label, you have several options for more honest work.


    Postal 4's attitude towards employment in the district prison is quite specific: all cells mysteriously open on a day when no other staff has come to work, but there are plenty of weapons for final fire. Player must secure all blocks of cells entering keys in the terminals to block everything while controlling the occupying population. And controlling detainees generally means a shotgun to the face.


    Postal 4 supports both the controller and the mouse and keyboard, but depending on the early access version, the mouse and keyboard are the way to go. The game is in the true spirit of the Postal series, which appears to be a suitable gameplay mechanism, mixed with exaggerated attempts at bad taste and humor. As far as we were able to play, Postal 4 belongs to the Style rather than substance category. The gameplay is so sophisticated that it could be a pleasant but unforgettable experience.