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  • Strange Light And Shadow in Call of Duty
    Time: Jun. 19, 2020

    Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 is online now. Not a lot has changed in this new season both in terms of features and map design. But players have been noticing two very strange things on the map, 

    which they swear was not there before.



    A lot of players have recently said that they have seen a strange blue light coming from underneath the frozen water of the dam at Verdansk. Along with this, they have seen a huge shadow in the frozen 

    water moving slowly across the dam. The players who have noticed this are sure that the shadow has not been cast from above, but is surely an object moving in the water below the ice sheet at the 

    frozen dam. There have been plenty of theories about this, from calling this a bug to calling this an easter egg.



    Is the shadow foreshadowing a future plot point in the Call of Duty storyline? This has been one of the most popular interpretations of this strange shadow and its accompanying blue light. A lot of players 

    have suggested that the slow-moving shadow underneath the ice cover is a submarine. If looked closely, the shadow does resemble the shape of the submarine. If this is, in fact, a submarine, then it could 

    mean that this particular shadow foreshadows, or in the very least, is an easter egg of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the upcoming title in the series. Does it foreshadow upcoming game modes and 

    changes in Warzone? This theory is pretty interesting. A lot of players think that with time, the dam will become a significant location on the map and that this submarine hints at the upcoming map 




    After the Season 4 update, the Warzone menu changed from showing the dam overflowing to it being completely broken open. Although the dam remains completely frozen in-game right now, players 

    are sure that the dam will be flooded by next season and that is where the submarine will come into play.Some players have suggested a theory that the blue light at the dam might hint at the addition of 

    zombies in Warzone. This might be possible since some players said that they heard strange howling noises in the dam pipelines. It is not just the dams too, though. A lot of players have heard creepy 

    voices and sounds of howling at the prison too. – Official Weighs In On Heavy Losses For Holding US Open 2020.