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  • The opportunity to play Playerunknown's battlefield for free is coming
    Time: Jun. 18, 2020

    The weird Playerunknowns Battleground essentially attracted Royale's fascination from the beginning of the video game-and is now free to play on Steam. If you try and like it, this game can still enjoy a 

    50% discount, but it is not clear when this deal will end, so if you like your favorite game, you may want to get it as soon as possible. I have played. To get the game, all you need to do is to have a Steam 

    account and download the Steam client to your computer.



    Go to the Steam website and find the game page here, then just click the "Play Game" button on the page.After the installation is complete, start it and start winning (hopefully).This free PUBG version has 

    no microtransactions, but if you purchase the game, you can purchase other items for the game. You will be able to use the full game and play the newly added ranking mode, which PUBG Corp describes 

    as providing additional challenges for experienced players, allowing them to climb the rankings and view their position among other players.



    The game was first launched in 2017 and received favorable reviews, with 86 points on Metacritic. Since its launch, many changes have occurred and become more streamlined, but this is enough to be 

    one of the first games to promote the Royal Battle Royale format. You fall into a large map without weapons, and must fight to be the last one or a team to stand, and have been chased by a constantly

    closed circle that gradually cuts off the map, forcing the remaining players to fight everyone else. Since PUBG was first released, games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and now Warzone have all used this

    format to create very popular games. PUBG is also available on PS4 and Xbox, but it is not part of the free weekend game console. However, you can buy it here.



    This time, it’s PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, the breakout battle royale title of 2017. Though the game has lost some of its luster since launch, it’s still receiving regular updates including a recent revamp

    of Vikendi. They can even group with current owners of the game. The in-game store won’t be available during this period however. If you’re keen on picking up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, then it’ll

    be discounted for the duration of the free weekend. Save data from the free weekend will carry over into the full game so you can keep your progress. The game is out for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Android, iOS and

    recently made its debut on Google Stadia (while being free for Stadia Pro users).